moistureproof meaning in Chinese

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  • 防潮的;耐湿的;不透水的
  • 防湿
  • 耐湿度
  • 耐湿性
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  1. Pay attention to moistureproof issues in store and transportation
  2. And to moistureproof without special provision
  3. This paper discusses the moistureproof and heat insulating properties , the design and calculation , and the shaping method and characteristics of expansible polystyrene it lays the theoretical foundation for reasonably using materials in building trade
  4. Dry type transformer for offshore platform is the best one for offshore well drilling platform and electric equipment used in ships comparing with standard type sc9 transformer , it has the functions of preventing salt efflorescence . mouldproof and moistureproof
  5. After the examination , the sandstone is zero radioactivity , non - toxic , tasteless , no pollution , sound - absorbing , moisture - absorbing , moistureproof , slip resistance , light - absorbing and so on , it is a natural environmental protection stone material which the marble and the granite incomparable

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