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  • model:    n. 1.模型,雏型;原型;设计图; ...
  • adaptive:    adj. 适合的,适应的。
  • control:    n. 1.支配,管理,管制,统制,控 ...
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  1. Localization based multi - model adaptive control
  2. Fuzzy non - parameter model adaptive control method based on neural networks and simulations
  3. Based on wavelet networks and multiple model adaptive control theories , the identification and control methods for the complicated nonlinear dynamic systems are proposed
  4. Multiple model adaptive control ( mmac ) is an effective approach to resolve complicated problems such as nonlinear , uncertainties and operating points variations etc . in this paper , the ideal is applied to power system
  5. The research objective is to improve the control system performance through the combination of the advanced control strategy with the meaningful information mined from the history operation database . firstly , a new solution for the control performance enhancement is presented by the reference of the kdd technology . aiming at practical application , a novel boiler load control method , which combines the multiple model adaptive control strategy with the data mining technology , is put forward in this dissertation

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