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  1. As a result , the mdl principle can attain higher model accuracy while the model complexity is lowest
    因而, mdl准则可以确保用最低的模型复杂性达到高的模型精确度。
  2. By exploiting feedback adjustment , the proposed algorithm requires less model accuracy , together with decreased computation and fastened speed
  3. Wavelet neural - networks is used to compensate inverse error of dynamic inversion controller brought by error of model accuracy in this dissertation
  4. To accurately predict forming limit , a criterion to reflect material performance in essence was indispensable besides increasing the fea model accuracy
  5. The proposed methods can be used as data preparation techniques to detect bad data and fill the blank with a more accuracy value in an initial series . the modeling accuracy of grey system is greatly improved by such methods
    2 、针对序列中含有空穴或不良数据的情况,将参数估计与不良数据辨识理论作为数据预处理技术应用于灰色系统建模,使得模型预测结果更为精确。

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