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  • mode:    n. 1.法,样,方法,方式。 2. ...
  • b:     a B picture ...
  • a-b mode:    任意两点之间复读模式
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  1. Digital broadband delivery system : out of band transport part 2 : mode b
    数字宽频传送系统:带外传输.第2部分: b模式
  2. The present studies suggest that mode a spontaneously emerges in the wake preceding all the other spanwise modes . then it excites the linear stable mode b through the nonlinear interactions among the various spanwise modes
    Re = 300时模式a和b均线性不稳定,模式b由于增长率较高,首先取代二维尾迹,而后随着模式a的增长尾迹中模式a和b共存。

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