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  • 流动小组
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  1. International mobile group identity imgi
  2. The ratio of mobile group data users among all mobile telephone users increased from the 18 . 0 % measured during the end of last year to 26 . 4 %
    移动分组数据用户在移动电话用户中所占比重从去年底的18 . 0 %上升到26 . 4 % 。
  3. In addition , careful planning group members also sent two mobile group , brought medical supplies , to ensure that the participants of the games were injured to receive timely care
  4. In the paper , based on the mathematical definition in the protocol made by etsi special mobile group , 8psk is assayed and simulated thoroughly to verify its validity
  5. In january 2002 , mii further announced that china telecom , china mobile group , and china unicom would become integrated services providers by extending their licences to cover fixed - line , mobile , broadband and other telecommunications services

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