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  • n.
    投射器;飞射器[箭、炮弹等],射弹,飞弹;导弹。 an air-to-air (guided) missile 空对空飞弹,机载飞弹。 an atom-tipped missile 原子弹头飞弹。 a homing missile 自动寻的飞弹。 an intercontinental ballistic missile 洲际弹道导弹〔略 I.C.B.M.〕。 an infrared homing missile 红外线寻的导弹,红外线自动导引导弹。 +More...
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  1. Their missile silos are below ground .
  2. The missile went level to its mark .
  3. Enemy missiles took out two of our fighters .
  4. The missile went level to its mark .
  5. One way or another the missiles would have to be removed .

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