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  • 极小原理
  • 最小原理
  • 最小值原理
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  1. Historical significance of integrating maximum principle and minimum principle
  2. By using 3 - d isoparametric element , the global stiffness matrix equation for the piezoelectric laminate is obtained on the bases of minimum principle of total potential energy
  3. And then , according to minimum principle , each uav smoothes its own path which the coordination agent selects such that the dynamic constraints are sati sfied and the length is preserved
    通过在协同规划层调整eta ,寻找到既能满足时间约束,又能使团队代价最小,且尽量使单架无人机的个体代价次最小的路径。
  4. The second , it is proposed that a foc mentioned above can be modeled with a fast time optimal position control system based on the pontryagin ' s minimum principle , which may become a speed - sensorless time optimal one by using speed estimator
    接着,分析了pontryagin极小值原理,指出用bang - bang开关信号可对上述系统实现最优时间控制,若速度量采用估计,则生成无速度传感器的时间最优系统。
  5. Abstract : in this paper , a rigid plastic dynamicequations of the stucture subjected to impact by a rigid projectile areobtainedbased on the minimum principle in dynamics ofelastic - plastic continua with finite deformation . it is shown that the method is reliable and straightforward

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