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    1.〔I 的物主代词〕我的(东西),我的家属,我的亲戚。 The book is mine. 这本书是我的。 He was kind to me and mine. 他对我和我的家属都好。 That is no business of mine. 那不关我的事情。 The game is mine. (比赛的结果)是我赢了。
    2.〔古、诗〕我的(= my): (a) 用在头一个字母是元音或 h 的名词前: mine eye, mine heart+More...
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  1. What's worrying me is that girl of mine .
  2. I have made a covenant with mine eyes .
  3. A friend of mine is running for office .
  4. Narrow-mindedness is an old weakness of mine .
  5. He had prepared a map for his mine defense .

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