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  • 钻铣床
  • milling:    n. 1.磨;制粉;碾碎。 2.【机 ...
  • drilling:    adj. 尖锐的,辛辣的。 dril ...
  • machine:    n. 1.机(器),机械;机关,机构 ...
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  1. There are the production lines established of intermediate - frequency melting , silicasol shuck , precision casting and metal ceramic , and 250 universal devices suck asvacuum melting electric furnaces , high - temperature and intermediate - temperature heat treatment electric furnaces , digitai - control lathes , milling and drilling machines , coreless millers , spherical surface millers , standing milling machines and so on , lt has established the central measuring roomm physicallab , chemical lab , metallic phase lab , crack detection test lab , seat ring lab , rocker lab and ducgt trestle lab , our esported gas engine valve seat to america was rewarded the second prize in terms of sichuan high - quality product
  2. At present , the company manufactures vertical cnc machining centers with three - axis linkage , horizontal cnc machining centers with four - axis linkage , cnc milling and drilling machines , of which the cnc system is from famous manufactures , such as siemens , mitsubish , fanuc etc , the guide , from thk of japan , and the pneumatic , from smc

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