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  1. Micritic dolostone occurs widely in the middle and upper cambrian and is yellowish brown and brickcolored red , in which parallel laminae , bird ' s - eyes and mud - cracks are developed
  2. Were found in the margin around the basin . lucaogou fm . was mainly composed of thick dark mudstone , micritic limestone , argillaceous dolomite , which reflected a shallow to fairly deep - lake sedimentary formation
  3. The lacustrine carbonate rocks in the wudaoliang group consist of boundstone ( stromatolite ) , micritic limestone , grainstone and micritic dolostone which were laid down in the shallow - water to bathyal , high - salinity and enclosed to semi - enclosed lake systems
    五道梁群湖相碳酸盐岩分为生物粘结灰岩(叠层石) 、泥晶灰岩、颗粒灰岩与泥晶白云岩四大类,反映出沉积环境为一个具有浅水半深水、高盐度、半封闭封闭特点的综合湖泊系统。

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