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  • 泥晶灰岩
  • 微晶灰岩
  • 微晶石灰岩


  1. The primary rocks were sparry oolitic limestone and micrite oolitic limestone , but dolomitization destroyed the original sedimentary textures
  2. Typical depositional structures of tempestite , such as radically arrangement of plate - like micrite gravel , hummocky lamination , load structure , grading bedding and ripple bedding are presented in the succession , indicating its accumulation in an offshore environment
  3. The microfacies of carbonate rock of the wudaoliang group in hoh xil basin is divided for marl lithofacies , micrite facies , micrite ( spar ) scraps ash lithofacies , grain scraps micrite facies , dolimite rock lithofacies , and the stromatolite ash lithofacies
  4. Main diagenesis of carbonate reservoir as following : ( 1 ) . there are five types of dolomitization : evaporative pumping , seepage reflux , mixing and deep buried . ordivician main type of dolomite of qianmiqiao buried hill in dagang oilfield is elogenetic micrite and microspar dolomite
    5 、对碳酸盐岩储层的成岩作用分析认为: ( 1 )白云岩化作用有四种类型:蒸发泵白云化作用、回流渗透白云化作用、混合水白云化作用、深埋藏白云化作用。

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