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  • 仪表壳体
  • meter:    n. 〔美国〕= metre.
  • housing:    n. 马服;〔常 pl. 〕马饰,鞍 ...
  • housing:    n. 1.供给住宅。 2.〔集合词〕 ...
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  1. In the lobed impeller the measuring chambers are the space between the lobes and the meter housing .
  2. The meter housing is lightweight heat treated aluminum alloy , compact and easy to handle
  3. The heater was designed for a 60 - 70 sq . meter housing unit , where the role of the product is crucial to its formal definition and matching visual emphasis
  4. Watts 994hmb fire hydrant backflow preventer meter construction consists of : meter housing , measuring element , permanently sealed register , and reduced pressure backflow preventer in unitized assembly
  5. For the 60 , 000 - square - meter housing districts that have already been handed over at present , we will offer closed realty management services like security , cleaning , virescence and electromechanical equipment operation etc . the company does solid work , pioneers and keeps forging ahead , seeks development in innovation and strengthens constantly in development

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