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  • 符合标准
  • meet:    adj. 〔古语〕适当的,适合的,相 ...
  • criterion:    n. (pl. -ria) (评判等 ...
  • meet:    vt. (met ) 1. 遇见, ...
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  1. Retrieve events that belong to a specified event group and optionally meet a criterion that is specified using an event selector
  2. The quick cable - releasing hanger of our company adopts many advantages of various factories at home and abroad , has the characteristics of operation is flexible , weight is light , cable - fastening is safe , cable - releasing is quick , every hanger undergone strict processing , assembly and examination , and meet a criterion of iso 9001 quality system , it was examined on tensile test before the products levaing the factory that can meet the requirements of safe and long time operations at ope wharf
  3. Base on over 30 years of technical advantages in this line , we have broken the the traditional device of production and show the advanced technology in these years . the products have pass the certification of iso9001 : 2000 and meet a criterion with ce certification concerning machinery and electrical safety ; this enterprise specialize in oem and look for agency overseas in earnest
    凭藉海外三十年的专业技术优势,突破传统,展现先进的技质精华,产品通过iso9001 : 2000质量体系认证,符合欧盟机械及电气安全的ce认证;专业oem生产并寻求国外代理经销商。
  4. The coefficient of compaction is 1 . 22 on mechanical loader ; ( 6 ) the analysis settlement of roadbed used the xigeda filler , predict that tolerable settlement is 5 . 5cm , total settlement is 11 . 4cm , it is meet a criterion ; ( 7 ) the analysis stable of roadbed used the xigeda filler include water and slope the result show the xigeda filler is stable
    采用装载机摊平,昔格达填料的松铺系数为1 . 22 ;昔格达填料路堤沉降观测分析。预测昔格达填料工后沉降为5 . 5cm ,总沉降为11 . 4cm ,满足沉降要求;昔格达路堤水稳定性和边坡稳定性分析,分析表明昔格达填料路堤是稳定的。

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