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  • 当做药
  • 用药物
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  1. The use of a small set of chemical building blocks , combined together in multiple ways , using standard chemistries , to create large libraries of medicinally relevant compounds that may be screened for potential new drugs
  2. The magnolia is one of many medicinally valuable plants threatened by logging , intensive farming and over - harvesting in china . but the country ' s radical new plant conservation strategy may turn this around
  3. Arsenic is a natural substance that has been used medicinally for over 2 , 400 years . in 1970s physicians in china began using arsenic trioxide to treat acute promyelocytic leukemia ( apl ) and achieved promising results , including clinical remission of several cases
    三氧化二砷( as _ 2o _ 3 ) ,俗称砒霜,有剧毒, 20世纪90年代初,我国学者孙鸿德等报道了用三氧化二砷治疗急性早幼粒细胞性白血病( apl )并获临床缓解。
  4. Egyptian slaves working on the pyramids ate garlic to increase their stamina . ancient greek athletes strengthened themselves by taking garlic before major competitions and their soldiers did the same before they enter the battlefield . romans followed the advice of hippocrates , the " father of medicine " , to used garlic medicinally to protect themselves from simple diseases like stomach infections to the then fearful leprosy
    在美国加利福尼亚的吉隆gilroy这座自称为"世界大蒜之城"的城市,由"大蒜爱好者俱乐部garlic - lovers - club "筹办,每年在8月举行为期两天的大蒜联欢节,联欢节上举行大蒜烹饪比赛,仅仅在比赛中就消耗了150公斤的大蒜。

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