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[ 'mæritaim ] Pronunciation:   "maritime" in a sentence   "maritime" meaning
  • adj.
    海的,海上的;海事的,海运的;沿海的;生在沿海地带的。 maritime association 海事协会。 maritime climate 海洋性气候。 M- Customs Administration (中国的)海关总署。 The M- Exchange (纽约的)海运交易所。 a maritime power 海洋国家;海运国。 M- Provinces (加拿大的)沿海各省。
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  1. He had sole jurisdiction in maritime and seafaring causes .
  2. The maritime passage was a good augury for the aerial passage .
  3. I have passed the deserts and have already seen the maritime empire .
  4. In junge's classification maritime particles are composed entirely of hygroscopic material .
  5. Winds with continental provenances frequently have a higher dust content than those with maritime provenances .

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