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  • map:    n. 1.地图;天体图;图。 2.〔 ...
  • legend:    n. 1.传说;神话。 2.伟人传。 ...
  • the legend:    功夫皇帝方世玉
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  1. 1 . 3 under inquiring , inspecting , contrasting and analysing the information of soil basis ( series ) classification , the soil taxonomy of hubei province is established . and the soil for hubei province are divided into 10 soil orders , 16 suborders , 35 great groups and 54 subgroups , contrasted with international soil systematics such as the american soil taxonomy , the fao world soil map legend unit and the world soil resource reference basis , any sort of soil in hubei province has each own apprepriated places . this conveniently joins the soil taxonomy and the achievements in soil research in hubei with the international convention and realizes the international communication and application
    3通过全省土壤基层分类(土系)信息的查询检索和分析比较,拟定了湖北省土壤系统分类,将全省土壤划分为10个土纲、 16个亚纲、 35个土类、 54个亚类,并与美国土壤系统分类、 fao世界土壤图例单元和世界土壤资源参比基础等国际土壤分类系统进行对比,确定其相应位置,便于湖北省土壤分类和土壤研究成果与国际接轨,实现我国土壤信息在国际上交流和应用。

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