manifold block meaning in Chinese

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  • 集成块
  • 歧管档块
  • 油路块
  • 总管分路接头
  • manifold:    adj. 1.许多的;种种的,多样的 ...
  • block:    n. 1.片,块,大块;粗料,毛料; ...
  • hydraulic manifold block:    液压集成块; 液压油路板
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  1. Optimal design of networks in hydraulic manifold blocks
  2. On the solidworks - based virtual design integrated hydraulic manifold blocks
  3. Research on an interactive software for hydraulic manifold block
  4. Hole information models and surface information models of manifold blocks of hydraulic systems and transformation methods of the models are analyzed in detail
  5. Based on this method , design the system oil circuit and constant - pressure hydraulic power station as well as the hydraulic manifold block , measuring platform , electrical cabinet and reclaiming oil tank

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