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  1. Unlike manganese nodules , which are like golf balls scattered across the seabed , these deep - ocean deposits occur in small areas around extinct hydrothermal vents
  2. Members of the cfb ( cytophaga - flexibacter - bacteroides ) were found to be rich in upper sediment of " warm pool " while they were not detected in sediment from " manganese nodule " area , which indicated that there were more organic substances in the " warm pool " area
    除了紫细菌之外, cfb类群在“暖池”区沉积物中也是一类较重要的细菌,主要集中在表层沉积物;而在“结核”区没有检测到属于cfb类群的细菌,表明“暖池”区表层存在较多的有机物。
  3. The difference of microbial group between different sea areas was the 8 - and e - subdivision of proteobacteria , which was abundant at upper sediment of " warm pool " area while they were not detected at the sediments of " manganese nodule " area . at the core sediment of " warm pool " area , members of - proteobacteria reduced from upper to lower sediments
    在“结核”区沉积物中没有检测到属于这两个亚群的细菌,而在“暖池”区沉积物中属于这两个亚群的细菌数量较多(最高可达29 ) ,并且-亚群的细菌呈现随沉积物深度增加而减少的趋势。
  4. The distribution and amount analysis of these bacteria in different layers of core sediment indicated that there was an intact cycle that coupled sulfur metabolism with methane metabolism existed in this area , which may be the microbial response to the environment because there was seldom similar bacteria detected from " manganese nodule " area sediment by dna - dna hybridization with specific oligonucleotide probe and 16s rdna clone library analysis
    而16srdna克隆文库分析和dna - dna杂交的结果表明“结核”区沉积物中这两类细菌数目很少,说明“暖池”区沉积物中的微生物群落结构特征是对环境因素的一种响应,同时也可能是影响该海区深海及海洋环境的一个重要因素。
  5. Some characteristics of cold - active protease and chitinase were analyzed then . microbial 16s rdna ( ribosomal dna ) clone libraries of deep sea sediments were constructed and studied by pcr - rflp ( restriction fragment length polymorphism ) and phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rdna sequences . the microbial diversity and community structures of deep sea sediments collected from two different sea area including the west pacific " warm pool " and the east pacific " manganese nodule " area , as well as the interaction between microbial community and environment , were analyzed based on these studies
    通过构建沉积物中微生物16srdna克隆文库,采用pcr - rflp分析、 dna - dna杂交、 16srdna序列测定以及系统发育分析的方法,研究了两太平洋“暖池”区和东太平洋“结核”区两个不同海区深海沉积物中的微生物多样性和群落结构特征及其与环境的相互关系,得到了一些与“暖池”区环境特点紧密相关的新发现,新认识。

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