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  1. The paper mainly expresses research on manganese iron as roadbed - stabilized soil
  2. Successive faas determination of chromium cobalt manganese iron and nickel in ceramic color
  3. The article analyses nature of lime , manganese iron , aeolian sandy soil , cement , and material requirement of roadbed
  4. In addition , adopting neural network theory , predicting and analogy pressure - resistance strength without side limit of lime manganese iron waste stabilized soil , we lay a foundation for further study of the problem
  5. It revealed that hexagonal structure was easily synthesized in the neutral medium , and lamellar structure was inclined to prepare under basic condition , and from the cooperative charge density matching mechanism and function of manganese iron and template molecular , the alkalescence influence on the structure was explained , and appropriate neutral hexadecylamine ( hda ) availed to synthesis of mesophase with more ordered degree for the mediation of packing parameter

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