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  1. 2 . in the process of synthesis of mesoprous silica , manganese ion was doped to substitute partially for silica in the framework and hexagonal mesoporous manganese - containing silica mn - mcm - 41 was prepared . xrd , hrtem , n2 adsorption isotherm showed the direct evidences for a well - ordered hexagonal nano pore structure
    在mcm - 41合成过程中,引入mn ~ ( 2 + )对硅氧骨架中硅原子进行部分替代,以形成杂原子介孔分子筛,并研究引入量对有序结构的影响。
  2. Owing to the complicated technics and high cost of manufacture , limno2 can not satisfy the applications . the cycle stability is very poor , which is a result of the jahn - teller distortion effect causing by tervalent manganese ion . thus , exploiting the feasible technics of preparation and seeking the method to enhance the cycle stability of layered lithium manganese oxide are the targets of many research groups
    由于生产工艺复杂、成本高,也由于mn3 +强烈的jahn - teller效应,通常使层状limno2循环稳定性变差而无法满足实际应用的需要,因此研究适宜的制备工艺,寻求提高limno2循环稳定性的方法成为许多科研人员的奋斗目标。
  3. It was revealed that the hexagonal order was destroyed and the phase transition from hexagonal to amorphous structure with the increment of manganese ion , and with the appropriate neutral hexadecylamine ( hda ) with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide ( ctab ) as mixed template , mn - mcm - 41 was synthesized with well uniformly pore size and hexagonal mesostructure for the additional function of n - metal covalent bond , and the ordered structure was mediated by the influence on the packing parameter
    表明随着mn ~ ( 2 + )引入量的增加,导致介孔长程有序结构的破坏,最终引起由六方相向无定型相的转变。适量中性表面活性剂十六胺的引入以形成混合模板剂,通过在原有静电作用基础上增加n -金属键作用,合成结构较为完整的锰掺杂mcm - 41材料。

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