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[ mæn ] Pronunciation:   "man" in a sentence   "man" meaning
  • n.
    (pl. men )
    2.男人;大人,成年男子;男子汉,大丈夫;要人,名人;〔冠词用 the; my; your 等〕人,对手。
  • -man:     comb. f. (pl ...
  • a man:    一个男人
  • as a man:    一致地, 如同一人地, 就他个人的品 ...
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  1. The man in the street is opposed to this idea .
  2. There is a new spirit rising in men .
  3. That was a very large and whiskered man .
  4. But the other men were afraid to meddle .
  5. The man felt that his position was bad enough .

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