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  • vt.
    (made )
    1.(a)做,作,造,制造,做成,造成,建设;创作,著作,拟,起草;制定,设置;征收。 I am not made that way. 我生性不是那样。 make enemies 树敌。 (b)准备,预备,布置,整理;训练,养乖(狗)。 make a bed 准备床铺,铺床。 make tea 泡茶,沏茶。 make the cards 洗牌。 M- hay while the sun shines. 趁晴晒草;〔转义〕勿失良机,利用合+More...
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  1. Nothing will make me change my mind .
  2. He had made passes at her in moscow .
  3. I wonder what sort of a bargain you'll make .
  4. We made concessions for the sake of peace .
  5. Would you kindly make an exception for us this time ?

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