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[ 'mædʒistrit, -treit ] Pronunciation:   "magistrate" in a sentence   "magistrate" meaning
  • n.
    (行政兼司法的)长官[地方长官、市长等];治安法庭法官。 the Chief [First] M- 君主,元首,总统。 a civil [judicial] magistrate行政[司法]官。 a Police M- 违警罪法庭法官。
    -ship magistrate 的职务[地位、任期]。
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  1. The magistrate must commit him to prison .
  2. He set to work to draft his statement to the magistrate .
  3. How dare you bully a magistrate ?
  4. It may be done under a warrant granted by a magistrate .
  5. The magistrates shivered under a single bite of his finger .

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