machine grinding meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "machine grinding" in a sentence
  • 机动磨削
  • 机力磨
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  1. The situation was out of our hands and the war machine ground on towards disaster
  2. Measurement of airborne noise emitted by machines ; enveloping surface method ; metal working machines grinding machines
  3. Add the threat of terrorism ( and heightened security checks to prevent it ) , and the poorly oiled machine grinds almost to a halt
    再加上恐怖主义的威胁(和为防范而加强的安检) ,这架破旧的机器(希思罗机场)供油不足,几乎停转。
  4. But the formidable clinton machine grinds on , and the fact that she won in most of the big states that were up for grabs on super tuesday has buoyed her team no end
  5. The grinding machine grinds some facets of both front side and backside of the glassbeads , using the special roller type grind wheel . then polish the glass beads by polishing machine

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