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    【物理学】马赫〔超高速单位,马赫数,=Mach number〕。


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  1. Empirical results are needed in the transonic mach regime .
  2. The behavior of this fused or mach wave is the same as that previously described for blast waves in general .
  3. The point at which the incident wave, reflected wave, and mach fronts meet is called the "triple point" .
  4. A hot core heater would be very useful to avoid condensation of the constituents of air at the higher mach numbers .
  5. The dynamic performance of a ram air system will vary with mach number and altitude and this tends to follow the aerodynamic characteristics of the missile .
  6. This fusion phenomena is called the " mach effect .
    这种合并现象就叫做“马赫效应。 ”
  7. Mach is defined in the new oxford dictionary of english
  8. But no arrows will ever mach my twin blades
  9. Do our team have hope to win this mach
  10. I gave him mach advice . he didn ' t listen to me , though

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