maarten meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "maarten" in a sentence
  • 马尔滕
  • 马腾
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  1. Maldives - caribbean st maarten
  2. Chris eagles almost scored for nec nijmegen at ajax , but saw his effort blocked by keeper maarten stekelenburg
  3. Maarten noyons , founder and managing director commented : “ in 2006 we saw exciting new connected games and multiplatform games entering the competition , games that were using all the features of mobile phones including microphone , camera , motion sensors and connectivity
    国际手机游戏大赛的创办者和管理者说到: “在2006年,我们看到令人振奋的新连接游戏和跨平台游戏进入比赛,比赛中,我们使用了带有所有功能的手机,包括麦克风,摄象头,移动传感和连通器等。

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