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  • 低压流出
  • low:    vi.,vt. (牛)哞哞地叫;哞哞 ...
  • pressure:    n. 1.压;按;挤;榨。 2.【物 ...
  • discharge:    vt. 1.发射(炮等),打(枪), ...
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  1. Low pressure discharge
  2. Experimental measurements have also made on some novel and typical phenomena occurred in low pressure discharges to diagnose the mechanisms of these phenomena with help of some different methods and the newly developed analytical algorithms
  3. No matter how different the discharge scheme is , low pressure discharge plasmas take a common characteristic of bright glow and is generally entitled as low temperature glow discharge . glow discharge plasma has been selected as a most suitable system for plasma diagnostics in laboratory and for application technology development because of its good stability and reproducibility
    利用n _ 2辉光放电中n _ 2 ~ +的发射光谱研究了放电空间的温度分布的变化规律,发现了直流放电的一些重要特性,如阻碍辉光与正常辉光的光谱差别。

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