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  • n.
    1.爱,热爱,爱戴。 give [send] one's love to sb. 向某人致意,问候某人。 mutual love互相爱慕。 show great love to [towards] one's comrades 热爱同志。 love of one's country 热爱祖国。
    2.爱好;所爱的东西。 have a love for [of] sports 爱好体育运动。
    3.(两性间的)恋爱;爱情。 one-sided love单相思+More...
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  1. I love her all the more because she is poor .
  2. They asked whether he was crossed in love .
  3. Helena loved demetrius to distraction .
  4. I have no feelings of love left in me .
  5. He refused to make love before they were married .

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