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  • 亏舱亏舱
  • lost:    adj. 1.失去了的;丢失了的;错 ...
  • space:    n. 1.空间;太空。 2.空隙,空 ...
  • lost in space:    lis太空号; l・ i・ s・太空 ...


  1. Scientists find that it is difficult to determine both position and momentum of particles at the same time and , furthermore , energy distribution is not continuous . why is energy distribution discrete and where is the lost space
  2. We have known from this article that there are minus space in 0 , according to stwf and that is the lost space we look for . generally , space and energy are symmetrical along time axis , the only problem is that we can not feel minus energy and minus space directly
    尽管它是个事实,但要说服习惯第一时空或刚从第二时空过来的人,你必须花费相当的口舌,因为第三时空理论基础的建立不象人们想象中的那样牢靠, “就这样的公式你去计算好了,不要再问为什么” 。

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