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  • 就地分析
  • 局部分析
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  1. Program has been developed based on the local analysis method
  2. At the mean time , discussion about selecting the transfer story ' s number of upper and lower floor in local analysis is performed
  3. An application that retrieves data from a server and performs local analysis and presentation of data from relational or multidimensional databases
    一种sql server系统数据类型,存放从0到255之间的所有数值。其存储大小为1个字节。
  4. Wavelet transform is a populous signal processing method in recent years . wavelets have advantages of local analysis and multiresolution analysis , and they are very suitable for image processing
  5. In this thesis , a new method named local analysis method was presented which the whole structure is divided into two parts : the upper structure and the lower structure . the problem distribution of initial pre - stress of suspen - dome can solved by this method

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