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  • n.
    (less 或 lesser; least; 〔俚、方〕 -tler; -tlest) ★ less, lesser, least 通例是与 more, most 相对应的用语,表示数量、程度方面的小,亦可代替表示形体小的。 smaller, smallest. 又: little 除“小”的意义之外,还含有可怜、轻蔑等的感情。 习惯上只说 great and little, big and little, great and sm+More...
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  1. He asked a little about my life history .
  2. The little apartment has a snug kitchen .
  3. The cheese is a little too sharp for me .
  4. Jon had little sulkiness in his composition .
  5. The baby was dressed in a gay little suit .

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