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  • 和林肯公园
  • 联合公园乐团
  • 林肯公园/联合公园
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  1. Listen to anyone ' s music ? do you listen to linkin park ' s music
  2. Linkin park - what ive done
  3. Along with brad delson , he is a founding member of linkin park
  4. U . s . rock band linkin park will arrive at the shanghai stop of their world tour concert on november 18
  5. Linkin park released their third music album " minutes to midnight " in may , and later kicked off their world tour concert , which has been staged in europe and the us
    林肯公园于五月发行了他们的第三张专辑《世界末日》 ,随后开展了他们的世界巡演,其中欧洲和美国的演唱会已经结束。

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