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1.线;绳索;钓丝;测深度用绳,卷尺。 a fishing line 钓鱼线。 be clever with rod and line 会钓鱼。 hang the clothes on the line 把衣服挂在绳子上。
2.(诗文的)一行;短信;〔pl.〕短诗;〔pl.〕罚课〔罚学生抄写拉丁诗百行等〕。 just a line to tell you that ... 迳启者。
3.路线,铁路线;航线;交通线;铁轨。 a belt line 环行线+More...
  • a line:    雄性不育系; 支承力影响曲线; 支座 ...
  • a-line:    adj. (服装)A字型的,上窄下宽 ...
  • be in line:    排成一行,成直线,符合,依照
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  1. He proved the existence of parallel lines .
  2. He lined out a few songs upon request .
  3. She hung the washing on the line to dry .
  4. He was always careful to toe the party line .
  5. She read a few lines and dropped the volume .

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