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  • 利利
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  1. Moreover , the language of this book is understood by all ; the alpes and the peaks of the five elders , 昂 ot to mention the ordinary yellow of the yellow wheat , the ordinary lilly of the lillies , the ordinary green of the green grass , growing on the same earth , moving with the same harmonic wind ? the symbols they use should ever be the same , their meaning ever clear , only if you don ' t let your soul become callous , your eyes get blind , your ears get deaf , this invisible , highest knowledge will be yours forever , this free of charge , most precious remedy will be yours to use forever : as long as you understand this book , your lonely times on this world won ' t be lonely , miserable times won ' t be miserable , you ' ll find comfort when distressed , encouragement when you fall , an instructor when you ' re weak , a compass when you ' re lost
    并且这书上的文字是人人懂得的;阿尔帕斯与五老峰,雪西里与普陀山,莱茵河与扬子江,梨梦湖与西子湖,建兰与琼花,杭州西溪的芦雪与威尼市夕照的红潮,百灵与夜莺,更不提一般黄的黄麦,一般紫的紫藤,一般青的青草同在大地上生长,同在和风中波动- -他们应用的符号是永远一致的,他们的意义是永远明显的,只要你自己性灵上不长疮瘢,眼不盲,耳不塞,这无形迹的最高等教育便永远是你的名全,这不取费的最珍贵的补剂便永远供你的受用:只要你认识了这一部书,你在这世界上寂寞时便不寂寞,穷困时不穷困,苦恼时有安慰,挫折时有鼓励,软弱时有督责,迷失时有南针。

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