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  • vt.
    1.喜欢,爱好。 He likes vegetables. 他喜欢蔬菜。 I like apples better than pears. 苹果和梨比较起来,我更爱吃苹果。
    2.希望,想要,喜欢,愿意做某事〔后接不定式或动名词〕。 I should much like to come. 我很想来。 He doesn't like to smoke [smoking]. 他不喜欢吸烟。
    3.希望[欢迎]某人做某事〔后接带 to 的不定式,在美国口语中可接+More...
  • -like:    后缀 〔附在名词之后,构成形容词或副 ...
  • and the like:    及其类似物; 以及诸如此类
  • be like:    像……
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  1. I do not like ruined, tattered cottages .
  2. I can't pretend that i do like them .
  3. I would like to talk to the manager himself .
  4. He behaved honestly, and like a man .
  5. You needn't blush like that, frieda !

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