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1.光,光线;光明,亮光 (opp. darkness). Hang the picture in a good light. 把那幅画挂在能看清楚的地方。
2.发光体,光源;灯,信号灯;灯塔;天体。 a blackout light 防空灯。 ancient lights 保护光线不受挡住的权利。 the greater light 太阳。 the lesser light 月亮。
3.〔俚语〕(舞台的)脚光。 before the lights 在+More...
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  1. The last of evening light was fading away .
  2. R(l)is the amplitude of the transmitted light .
  3. Light was coming through in the corner flat .
  4. The lights of the traffic dazzled him .
  5. Light sets the speed limit for nature .

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