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  1. During the dark adaptation the result contrasted on that of light adaptation . the result showed that different light adaptation influent the ultrastructure of the photoreceptor
  2. Part ii ultra - structure changes of the compound eyes of miers in different light adaptation . after 12 hours dark adaptation , photoreceptors of miers were stimulated with different wavelength light
  3. The influence of light adaptation on the ultrastructure of the photoreceptor in penaeus monodon fabriciu the form and the fine structure of compound eyes in penaeus monodon fabriciuwere studied by e lectron microscopy
    另外,在无脊椎动物的光转导过程中,经研究发现,钙离子可能起着重要的作用, lisman和brown已经提出钙离子是光适应时的胞内信使。
  4. Our study results indicated : on light adaptation , the ratios of the density of the gold particles in the rhabdom to that in the cytoplasm in macrobrachium rosenbergi photoreceptor cell in high calcium solution , physiological solution and low calcium solution was 21 / 6 、 1
    结果显示:光适应组,在高钙溶液、生理溶液和低钙溶液中细胞质与感杆束中胶体金密度的比值是21 / 6 、 17 / 8和13 / 14 。
  5. We firstly testified that the manipulative light conditions could n ' t eliminate the circadian change of ultrastructures of compound eyes in m . nipponense . the compound eyes showed corresponding light adaptive features during the diurnal dark adaptation , and showed dark adaptive features to some extent during the nocturnal light adaptation

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