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  • 人寿保险业
  • life:    n. (pl. lives) 1.生 ...
  • office:    n. 1.职务,任务。 2.公职,官 ...
  • life-office:    人寿保险业;人寿保险公司办事处。
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  1. Canadian - based manulife financial is to be honoured by the life office management association loma for the outstanding professional training and development of its staff and sales agents across asia . four of the company s asian subsidiaries - located in china shanghai , hong kong , vietnam and singapore - will be awarded excellence in education and educational achievement awards in shanghai on june 26 , 2002 at loma s asia pacific conference
    -加拿大保险业翘楚宏利金融有限公司股份代号: 0945旗下亚洲四家附属及联营公司,获取美国寿险管理学会二零零二年度专业培训及发展奖项,以表扬宏利在亚洲区为员工及代理人作出专业培训及发展的出色表现。
  2. Before joining manulife in 1992 , he held management positions in two other canadian life insurance companies with responsibilities primarily in actuarial , product development and marketing . a graduate of southampton university in united kingdom , mr . crouch is a fellow of the society of actuaries , and has received diplomas in management and marketing from the life office management association , and the life insurance marketing and research association
    凌氏毕业于英国southampton university ,现为美国精算学会society of actuaries会士,并分别取得由美国寿险管理协会life office management association loma及国人寿保险业市场拓展及研究协会life insurance marketing and research association颁发的管理学及市场推广文凭。
  3. In june 2005 , manulife again received the " educational achievement award " from the life office management association , one of the premier insurance education institutes in the world . the award recognises manulife s outstanding professional training and development of staff and advisors . the company was also awarded this title in 2001 and 2002

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