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1.躺,横卧〔过去分词不常用, I have lain down 可改作 I have been lying down〕. lie face downward 俯卧。 lie in bed 睡觉。 lie on a bed 躺在床上。 lie on one's back 仰卧。 lie on one's side 侧卧。
2.〔常带述语〕(静止不动地)呆着。 lie idle 不活动;(资金)呆滞。 lie motio+More...
  • be a lie:    说个谎
  • lie by:    靠近; 躺在...边上, 近在手边, ...
  • lie in:    睡懒觉, 待产; 位于 (范围之内) ...
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  1. His head whirled. he dared not lie down .
  2. The captain lay on his face on the hillside .
  3. Fritz was lying on a couch, fully dressed .
  4. My parents taught me never to tell lies .
  5. He is lying : you can see that a mile off .

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