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  • 病倒
  • 躺着休息
  • 卧床;(船)入坞
  • 隐退,卧病在床,(船)进坞,不能使用
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  • lie:    n. 1.谎言,谎话。 2. 虚伪, ...
  • up:    adv. (superl. uppe ...
  • make up a lie:    编瞎话
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  1. I told them not to lay up treasure in this world .
  2. Bill had to lay up his boat when school started ...
  3. You could lie up there, watching the flakes swirl past .
  4. He pulled certain swift strong strokes ahead, and lay up his oars .
  5. The partisans lay up by day and by night sallied out to attack convoys .

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