lie under meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "lie under" in a sentence   "lie under" meaning
  • 受到
  • lie:    n. 1.谎言,谎话。 2. 虚伪, ...
  • under:     under the la ...
  • lie down under:    甘受
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  1. The house lies under the shadow of the castle .
  2. His outlook, habitually sombre, lay under the shadow of deeper cloud .
  3. Venn was loth to depart, for all on earth that interested him lay under this roof .
  4. His old hat was discovered lying under some lo@!!活枝生产量和w-growing saplings the twigs of which had held it back .
  5. Either the wandering breezes or perhaps the decline of the sun allowed a little coolness to lie under the trees .

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