lie stretched out meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "lie stretched out" in a sentence
  • 直躺
  • lie:    n. 1.谎言,谎话。 2. 虚伪, ...
  • stretch:    vt. 1.伸展,伸出;展开,铺开, ...
  • out:    adv. 1.〔位置及运动的方向〕向 ...
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  1. On a makeshift couch against one wall a girl lay stretched out .
  2. When i woke up a few hours later , i switched on the light and found the snake still outside the door , with its head tilted toward my computer , near the amplifier . it was lying stretched out and motionless
  3. As they drove by the garden , the shadows of the leafless trees often lay right across the road and hid the bright moonlight . but as soon as they were out of their grounds , the snowy plain , glittering like a diamond with bluish lights in it , lay stretched out on all sides , all motionless and bathed in moonlight

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