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  • 不露行迹,隐藏某种意图
  • 倒地不起
  • 平躺
  • 卧伏, 处于低处, 潜伏
  • lie:    n. 1.谎言,谎话。 2. 虚伪, ...
  • low:    vi.,vt. (牛)哞哞地叫;哞哞 ...
  • be a lie:    说个谎
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  1. I managedi schemedi kept darki lay low .
  2. Better lie low until this affair blows over
  3. And for our twins . it ' s best to lay low . .
    对我们孪生兄弟来说.最好是击倒. .
  4. Just lay low and stay away from law enforcement
  5. And for our twins . it ' s best to lay low

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