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  • 租赁金融公司
  • lease:    n. 【纺织;印染】分经,分绞。 v ...
  • finance:    n. 1.财政,金融,财政学。 2. ...
  • company:    n. 1.交际,交往;作伴;伴侣;朋 ...
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  1. Article 1 : these measures have been formulated pursuant to laws and regulations such as the prc banking regulation law and prc company law in order to promote the healthy development of the lease financing sector in china and strengthen the oversight of lease financing companies
    第一条为促进我国融资租赁业的健康发展,加强对金融租赁公司的监督管理,根据《中华人民共和国银行业监督管理法》 、 《中华人民共和国公司法》等法律法规,制定本办法。

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