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  • 把钱贷给
  • 对…施加压力;讹诈;逼迫;倚靠;依靠
  • 靠在,对施加压力,依靠
  • 靠着,依偎着
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  • lean:    adj. 1.瘦的,瘠瘦的。 2.贫 ...
  • for lean:    租借
  • lean:    vi. ( leaned , 〔英国 ...
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  1. She leaned on her lover 's arm .
  2. Clara sat leaning on the table, holding aloof .
  3. I was glad to be able sometimes to lean on him .
  4. He leaned on me and attempted to walk, but it was in vain .
  5. If we start leaning on other people, it might get to be a habit .

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