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  • 贫拌合
  • 贫混合物
  • 贫燃料混合物
  • 贫油混合物
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  1. The burning gases can ignite the lean mixture .
  2. The engine will not run well with a lean mixture and may stumble or stall .
  3. The carburetor delivers a rich mixture to the precombustion chamber and a lean mixture to the main cylinder .
  4. The bump height and secondary wall - impingement distance were discovered to play an important role in producing a secondary space jet , reducing the quantity of fuel stuck on the wall and forming lean mixture , and their suitable values being 1 . 0 - 1 . 5mm and 0 - 2 . 0mm respectively
    发现bump高度及二次撞壁距离对撞壁油束形成二次空间射流、减少壁面燃油堆积以及形成稀混合气有重要作用,且发现bump的高度和二次撞壁距离分别为1 . 0 1 . 5mm和0 2 . 0mm比较合适。
  5. Moreover , the secondary wall - impingement distance should be properly reduced in order that the bump play a part in the formation of lean mixture with the increase of environmental pressure or density owing to both the increase of air entrainment , momentum losses and the decrease of the spray tip velocity and penetration

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