lean against the wall meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "lean against the wall" in a sentence
  • 靠在墙上
  • 倚墙
  • lean:    adj. 1.瘦的,瘠瘦的。 2.贫 ...
  • against:     Are you for ...
  • wall:    wall2 演戏般转动(眼睛)。
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  1. His rifle with the bayonet fixed was leaning against the wall .
  2. Kincaid sat at a small, plain table. bloggs leaned against the wall .
  3. Leaning against the wall behind her stood job, apparently uninjured, but bruised and trembling .
  4. Then he stood leaning against the wall unable to speak
  5. There is a ladder leaning against the wall

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