lean across meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "lean across" in a sentence
  • 倾斜身体
  • 越过
  • for lean:    租借
  • lean:    vi. ( leaned , 〔英国 ...
  • lean on:    把钱贷给; 对…施加压力;讹诈;逼迫 ...
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  1. the long shadows of broken column and vague pedestal leaned across the field of ruin .
  2. de gaulle leaned across the table and told kennedy that his wife knew more french history than most french women .
  3. she leaned across, whispered something into her companion s ear, and both of them burst out laughing
  4. but one can just imagine the look on mourinho's face at a board-manager meeting if a smiling director leans across the table and asks him to play more passing football

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