layer-built meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "layer-built" in a sentence
  • 分层铺筑的
  • layer:    n. 1.放置者,铺设者,计划者。 ...
  • built:    adj. 1.建造成的,组合的,拼成 ...
  • layer built:    分层铺筑的
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  1. Thirdly , the dynamic simulation tool , simulink , is employed to build respectively the simulation model of each component , also , to mask it and combine them on the top layer . as a result , the layer - built simulation models of the whole system are built up
  2. Section v is " characteristics in the practice of american teachers " continuing education " . by exploring the history and present state of american teachers " continuing education , the author sums it up to seven developmental characteristics , namely , supports from different aspects of society , grantee from the policies and laws , training object turning from utilization to a concept of integrated development of qualities , various forms , content that has definite objects , feasibility and far - sight , strict norms of employment , layer - built financial insurance system . section vi is " reference and inspiration "

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