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  • 侧变化
  • 横向偏差
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  1. 2 , the image of sn - wave velocity lateral variation is reconstructed in china continent by tomography method using 43646 sn rays
    2 、用了43646条sn射线反演得到中国大陆上地幔顶部s波速度横向变化。
  2. 1 , travel times of 91138 pn arrivals recorded from china and adjacent regional earthquakes are inverted in a tomographic study to map the lateral variations and anisotropy of pn velocity of the uppermost mantle
    1 、用91138条pn射线的走时反演出中国大陆上地幔顶部的p波速度横向变化和各向异性分布。
  3. In this paper the author studies the theory and method of refraction tomography at uppermost mantle . the images of p - and s - wave velocity lateral variation are rebuilded at uppermost mantle beneath china continent , and anisotropy of p - wave velocities are obtained on the basis of pn and sn travel time data in china and adjacent area by tomography technique
  4. The dissertation focuses on seismic wavefield forward modeling and migration for the fractured reservoir . the paper integrates and researches the wavefield extrapolation operator for lateral variation of velocity , analysis of the wavefield characteristic , forward modeling and depth migration of prestack and poststack seismic wavefield , creation of wavelet , design of the model with fracture and cavity , and computation of reflectivity
  5. The paper concentrates on seismic wave - field forward modeling and migration for the fractured reservoir . it researches the wavefield extrapolation operator for lateral variation of velocity , design four theoretical models and seven practical models with fracture and cavity . base on the progenitor , in the frequency - wavenumber domain with the pspi wavefield extrapolation operator and arithmetic of forward modeling and migration that applied lateral variation of velocity which is strong , the paper obtains the result of numerical simulation and the wavefield characteristic by the way of the forward modeling and depth migration of poststack seismic wavefield

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